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SJA Collaborates with Kingdom All Stars on Year-End Show

The 2017 Kingdom All Stars will perform at First Night North on December 31 at 5:00 p.m. in Fuller Hall. From left are Ava Marshia, Danville School; Leo Parlo, home school (Walden); Zane Mawhinney, Lyndon Town School; Katherine Barney, St. Johnsbury Academy; Halie Bean, Lyndon Institute; Jordan Barbour, St Johnsbury Academy; Sam Chase, Good Shepard School; Samantha Giguere, Lyndon Town School; Jonah Socks, home school (Cabot); Zoe Heinrich-McMullen, Burke Town School; Cameron Clark, Burke Town School, and Aiden Marcotte, Barnet School. Photo by Jackie Gilmour

St. Johnsbury Academy has collaborated with Kingdom All Stars (KAS) to help produce the group's most ambitious New Year's Eve production yet. The concert will be held during First Night North in St. Johnsbury at Fuller Hall on December 31 at 5:00 p.m. This year's performance will include a custom light and special effects show.

KAS features student musicians from seven Northeast Kingdom communities including current Academy students Jordan Barbour '20 and Katherine Barney '21. Former KAS members Jack Luna'19, Maddy Vaal '19, Ally Morrison '19 and Rory Young '19 will perform as special guest artists at the New Year's Eve show. Additionally, the light show will be produced by SJA senior Maxwell Heck with assistance from Colin Barney '21. Three students from the SJA Film department – Daven Webber '18, Hannah Persons '19, and Bridget Denio '19 – will be documenting the performance and producing a concert film.

St. Johnsbury Academy has worked closely over the years with KAS, and this year is no exception. The group has used SJA's facilities, and several faculty and staff members have assisted with preparation for this year's production including Bill Vinton, Jerry Prevost, Alex Shea, Alan Rowe, Joe Fox, and Taylor Ford. The SJA theater department is providing staging and other support for the year-end production.

Todd Wellington, founder of KAS, is grateful to the Academy for supporting the group. He said, "This year's Kingdom All Stars (KAS) concert at First Night North would not be possible without the close cooperation between the band and St. Johnsbury Academy. They have allowed us to write, rehearse, and produce the show in their facilities and made available expertise from multiple SJA departments. This level of cooperation has evolved from years of advice, encouragement, and general support from the Academy community. We look forward to continuing this collaborative effort in the future."

St. Johnsbury Academy Headmaster Tom Lovett said, "This First Night collaboration is in one sense the continuation of a successful relationship. I have been impressed with the All-Stars over the years, and we have been happy to help them when we could. As they enter our music programs, these talented performers help raise the bar for all. For this reason and in recognition of the high quality of their program, we are entering a more formal partnership with them that I hope will last for years, if not decades."