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SJA Art Faculty Featured in Boston Art Show

SJA art department faculty Kim Darling was featured recently in a show, Here and There, at Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston, Massachusetts. The show was a collection of work created by Master of Fine Arts graduates from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Kim Darling's Artist's Statement reads in part: "Simple, evocative images, iconic images – images sending out ripples, provoking questions and synapses and attempts to make order or meaning – this process is the subject of my recent work. A lifelong practice of drawing, painting and printmaking has led me to this place, which is a place with no answers, only multiplying questions. My recent work is in the alternative photographic technique of mordançage. I find this process, in which the emulsion of a silver gelatin print is bleached, lifted and altered chemically and manually, well suited for endless exploration and manipulation of the flexible space in between 'objective' and 'abstract' visual experiences."

St. Johnsbury Academy Headmaster Tom Lovett said, "We are so proud of Kim and her accomplishments as an artist. Her work is inspirational. Our students are fortunate to have practicing professional artists like Kim as teachers; they all, like Kim, continue to go to school and experiment with new techniques to expand and grow their art. Audiences that see Kim's work in shows like this are also fortunate, as they too encounter a powerful talent."

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