Environmental Stewardship

As part of its mission to promote character, community and inquiry, St. Johnsbury Academy is committed to be a steward of the environment, both locally and globally. Environmental stewardship means that within all aspects of our institution, community members strive to make choices that reflect our commitment to the conservation of Earth’s resources and our optimism regarding young people as leaders of a sustainable future.

—From St. Johnsbury Academy’s Environmental Stewardship Mission Statement

In 2012, students and faculty collaborated in the writing of our school’s Environmental Stewardship Mission Statement, which defines our environmental values and links them to the broader mission of the Academy. The Director of Environmental Stewardship, the Environmental Stewardship Committee, the Environmental Stewardship Club, and others work together on a number of projects each year. We also have a Green Revolving Fund and an Environmental Stewardship fund in place to raise money in support of our environmental projects.

The Athenian Oath in Fuller Hall reads, “Thus in all these ways we will transmit this school not less but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.” We strive to tie this oath to our care of the environment, both on our campus and across the region.

If you wish to join this journey and support environmental stewardship at St. Johnsbury Academy, you can contact James Bentley, Director of Environmental Stewardship, join the Environmental Club or give to the school’s Environmental Stewardship Fund.

Contact the Director, James Bentley, by email at jbentley@stjacademy.org or call 802.751.2464.

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