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Campus Life

When deciding on a school, students look at a lot more than classes. Other questions come into play: Will I fit in? What is there to do after school on campus? What is the area like? Are there fun things to do on the weekend? Our strong emphasis on an accepting community has long been a cornerstone of life at the Academy. All students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, nationality, interests, or background, are encouraged to participate and “become part of something bigger than themselves.” This sense of belonging is a very important part of our identity as a school from which all students benefit.

Campus is busy long after the school day ends. With 48 interscholastic sports and over 40 clubs and activities ranging from the Mountain Biking Club to the Yoga Club, Model United Nations, and Academy Theatre; there is always something to do after school. Many sports events, dance recitals, and plays take place on evenings and weekends and always draw a crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

St. Johnsbury Academy is located in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, an area well known for its spectacular scenery, dynamic culture, and outdoor leisure activities. The Academy makes full use of its exceptional location. The town of St. Johnsbury is the economic hub of the area and home to cultural institutions, theaters, and many stores and restaurants.

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