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From arts and culture to good food to artisan crafts to outdoor recreation — all of these fine discoveries await in St. Johnsbury, Vermont! Enjoy the unique atmosphere of a small town with a bigger-town vibe. St. Johnsbury is the vibrant economic center of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, the three-county area comprising Essex, Caledonia, and Orleans counties. Education, arts and culture, healthcare, agriculture, and industry are mainstays of the town and surrounding area. The beauty of the upper Connecticut River Watershed — between the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont’s Green Mountains — remains an inspiration to entrepreneurs, artists, farmers, and professionals who fall in love with the livable pace and city scene. Cultural institutions in St. Johnsbury offer an astonishing variety of world-class programs and events for audiences of all ages; and National Geographic Adventure magazine named St. Johnsbury “the Number 1 Small Town for Adventure.”

Museums and Historical Centers
Fairbanks Museum
St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
Discover St. Johnsbury
St.Johnsbury Historical Society

Outdoor Recreation
Kingdom Trails
D-N-D Stables
Passumpsic River Outfitters
Bicycling Loops and Links in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

Local Artisans
Cabot Creamery
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
Ice Eden Winery
Dunc’s Mill Distillery
Hill Farmstead Brewery

Cultural Opportunities
Catamount Arts
Unadilla Theater
Milarepa Buddhist Monastery

Horseback Riding
D-n-D Stables

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