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Visual Arts

The visual arts courses at St. Johnsbury Academy include the courses listed below as well as advanced classes in all mediums. Our distinguished visual arts instructors are professional working artists who, along with teaching, create and exhibit their own work.

The extensive visual art courses offered below are supplemented with extracurricular clubs such as: the Art Club, Fashion Club, Photo Lab, and Intaglio Society.

Winners of the 2019 Tap Into Film 48 Hour Film Slam

Team RCMTV's Margaret Roach, Fernanda Vega, and Natalie Cartwright won Best High School Film for the film How To Grow Up.
Team General Admission's Hero McCarty, Ari Whitchurch, and Max Zevon-Powell won Best Cinematography for the film The Verge.
Team Focus Five's Brandon Burmeister, Orrin Olmstead, Trey Ambrister, Taylor Sartwell, Eric Lacaillade and Aiden Levesque won the Audience Favorite Award for the film Fool's Gambit.
Watch Mrs. Prevost’s photography class make an amazing and magical cyanotype.
Watch Mr. Reis’ art class experiment with tempera, which involves painting with a medium that includes a binder medium, in this case, egg yolks and colored pigments.