Fall at SJA

St. Johnsbury Academy shines in the fall!
Our academics, arts, and sports programs highlight a magical time of year on campus during which the amazing enthusiasm of our students brings our community even closer together.

The music for this video is the result of Eva Yi’s '17 Senior Capstone project, a remix of our Alma Mater. SJA Filmmaking teacher Alex Shea was the videographer.

Winter at SJA

Winter is a snowy wonderland!
We embrace the winter, taking full advantage of the outdoor fun and staying cozy inside. Basketball games with the whole community coming out to cheer on the team, learning to ski at Burke Mountain, and Winter Carnival are just a few highlights of our busy winter season.

Music was written and performed by Maxwell Heck ’18. Alex Shea was the videographer.

Spring at SJA

Spring represents the culmination of the school year!
During this time at St. Johnsbury Academy, we celebrate our seniors with Senior Breakfast, the Senior Prom, and Commencement. There are also some bittersweet moments as we wish our seniors well and send them on their way.

The music for our Spring Video was written and performed by Sam Bulpin '19. Alex Shea was the videographer.