The 2019-2020 school year will be my last year as headmaster. Things that excited me about the Academy when I first became headmaster eighteen years ago are still in effect today. In fact, because of the hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff, they are even stronger.

Being part of a school that believes each young person can excel is something that excites me. This place offers opportunity upon opportunity to make sure each student has something that they love to learn and provides the support needed to help them succeed. It’s a thrill to invite young people from around the world to join this diverse and aspirational community and watch this family-like bond transform over the course of a school year. I believe with our surprising resources — natural, cultural, and human — we make a difference in the world. 

I’m confident that the Academy will continue to be all that drew me here to begin with — diverse, comprehensive, supportive, aspirational, optimistic, and independent. I believe that it will continue to be a key player in the local community and in global education. The values embedded in its mission — integrity, compassion, respect, and responsibility — continue to foster genuine inquiry and love of learning while helping young people become heroic and responsible citizens wherever they go.

I am excited and hopeful about our future. I am confident that the next team of leaders, including those already here, will carefully discern what is best for the students and employees we serve. I look forward to watching them launch new initiatives with commitment, excitement, and zeal as they see their efforts through to completion making the inevitable adjustments along the way. 

When I imagine what tomorrow will be for the Academy, I know that we need to grow and improve like any healthy institution, but I’m confident that SJA will always value people above buildings, money, or reputation; that it will always honor the creativity, talents, expertise, and passions of its faculty and staff; and that it will be guided by wisdom and love. 

I am asking you to join me in supporting these values and in keeping St. Johnsbury Academy vibrant and thriving for the next generation of young people by giving to our 2019-2020 SJA Fund. 

Finally, I am very excited to tell you that your gift will be matched by a generous sponsor — you will double the value of your donation. Every gift is important and needed — thank you for your generosity.

—Tom Lovett, Headmaster