Alumni Council

Thomas Lovett, Headmaster
James H. Impey ’64, Trustee Representative
Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88, Alumni Director
Alan Ruggles ’84, Associate Director of Alumni
Joyce Atherton Dumas ‘49, Lifetime Member
Grace Phelps '19, Student Government President

Rob Begin '87
Vice President

Brent Beck '62

Dale Deblois '51T

Timothy Clouatre '85
Past President

Erin Quatrini Hill '97

Leilani Provencal Heath '04

Patti Albee Coburn '67

Terry Powers '70

Cindy Hayes Robillard '83

Gertrude Sylvain Dussault '61M

Troy Ruggles '84

Mike Barrett '93

James Hutchins '82

Cynthia Hoyt Stanton '73

Greg Piper '12

Crystal Chandler Prevost '78Dan Thurston '50

Matt Stark '96

Jerry Prevost '77

Bruce Scott '57

The purpose of the SJA Alumni Association is to promote the best interests of St. Johnsbury Academy by fostering enthusiasm, involvement, and close relationships by and among the Alumni, Trustees, Faculty, Students, Parents, and Friends of the Academy.

The Alumni Council serves as the active governing body of the Association. If you are interested in learning more or serving on this board, please contact the alumni office by phone at 802.751.2011 or by email at