Why SJA?

Broad and Varied Course Offerings

We offer more than 200 academic and technical courses, 31 Advanced Placement courses and the AP Capstone Diploma, and a semester-based system that allows for advanced and independent study as well as many electives. Our average class size is 12.

As a technical center, SJA offers an array of technical courses that can complement an academic course load. A student interested in engineering can gain hands-on skills in solar electricity; a self-proclaimed “foodie” can gain impressive culinary skills.

The combination of our semester-based schedule, our small classes, our faculty that are experts in their areas of study, and the exceptional resources provided by our campus and facilities allow students to pursue a very wide array of interests and passions. View our Signature Programs.

Expert Faculty

Many of our faculty members are professionals in their fields: our art teachers are artists, our music teachers are musicians, our English teachers write, our drama teachers perform. Best of all, these professional artists, musicians, writers, and actors love to teach. Meet them.

Semester-Based Schedule

The daily class schedule at the Academy differs from most public and boarding schools in that classes meet in five 70-minute periods. Due to the extended time available in each class, students complete a one-year course in one semester. This opens up opportunities to students in many ways. Find out how.

Vibrant Community

We are big enough to offer extraordinary opportunities, but small enough to feel personal. We are a school of over 900 students; our community is surprisingly close. Our students come from nearly half the states and 30 countries. We are diverse and interesting. View our photo gallery.

Senior Capstone Program

All seniors are required to complete a Senior Capstone project, which serves as a culmination of all of their previous course work and a springboard into their post-secondary careers. Recent projects have included designing and building a fat-bike trail groomer for Kingdom Trails, launching a website to sell art to fight poverty in Southeast Asia, and exploring the history of science fiction and writing many chapters of a science fiction novel. Get the details.

Celebrated Traditions

St. Johnsbury Academy was founded in 1842 by Erastus, Thaddeus, and Joseph Fairbanks to provide "intellectual, moral, and religious training for their own children and the children of the community."

Over the years, a number of traditions have developed including one of the oldest football rivalries in the country vs. neighboring Lyndon Institute. More Fun!

Supportive Advisor Program

One way we make a large school feel small is our advisor program. Advisors meet with a small group of students every morning in Chapel and once each week for a longer session. Advisors counsel their students throughout their time here, guiding course selection; keeping in touch with academic and social progress; acting as a family's liaison to the school; and acting as a resource and advocate. Take a closer look.

Effective Academic Support Services

The academic support services available at St. Johnsbury Academy are unparalleled. All students, regardless of academic level, homework habits, or previous struggles are provided with the resources to excel. We offer a Study Skills program for freshmen and upperclassmen in which students learn tactics to successfully approach studying and complete their homework in a supervised setting. Our Guided Studies program provides intensive academic support, with emphasis on any remedial needs, to students who have struggled with their schoolwork in the past; their teachers partner with members of our Guided Studies department to help students navigate the pressures of high school and fulfill their academic potential. Learn more.

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

The NEK is an unspoiled region of amazing beauty. It is home to quaint towns, state forests, many lakes, and some of the best hiking in the state. Skiing at Burke Mountain resort is only 20 minutes from St. Johnsbury and Kingdom Trails, one of the best mountain biking trail networks in the United States, is also nearby. Discover more.

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