SJA Student Ambassadors

St. Johnsbury Academy’s Student Ambassadors serve as a crucial point of contact for prospective students and families. Ambassadors work with the Admissions Department throughout the year in a variety of roles, including speaking with prospective students and families during their campus visits, assisting with and leading campus tours for students, families and educational consultants, hosting students in classes or for overnight visits, and communicating with prospective and accepted students.

Francesca Bentley

Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine
Interests: Model UN, Dorm Council, Student Proctor, Cheerleading

“My favorite part of attending SJA is that all the teachers love what they do and are committed to helping students reach their full potential. I am also thankful for the opportunity to meet and learn about diverse individuals and cultures.”

Sam Coyle

Hometown: Lyme, New Hampshire
Interests: Soccer, Tennis, Recfit, NHS, Dorm Council

“What I love most about the Academy are the opportunities that are presented in the dorm community through diversity and friendships.”

Jackson Coyle

Hometown: Lyme, New Hampshire
Interests: Soccer, Track, Golf, NHS, Dorm Council, Student Proctor

“The opportunity to make one's own mark is the thing that stands out the most about the SJA. The ability to be an individual who is apart from the norm is also an amazing perk of being an Academy student.”

Krystal Hodsoll

Hometown: Hamilton, Bermuda
Interests: Cheerleading, Student Proctor, Dorm Council

“What I love about the Academy is the family atmosphere and the tight-knit community of friends and teachers.”

Mio Kosaka

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Interests: Volleyball, Lacrosse, National Honor Society, Music Club, Student Art League, Catamount Arts Life Drawing Studio

“Living in a diverse dorm, I have many opportunities to make friends with people from other countries. We build really strong bonds that last for a long time, even after my friends graduate or go back home.”

George Sanders

Hometown: Villahermosa, Mexico
FBLA, Model UN

“My favorite part of the academy is the friendly environment that makes us all feel like we're part of a family.”

Madi Suitor

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Theatre, Personal Fitness, Model UN, Knitting Club

“I really want to give back to the school because they have given me so much, and I have had a great experience.”

Joel Uyanik

Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Interests: RecFit, Yearbook

“My favorite thing about the school is the opportunities for activities and classes that we have, and having international friends, because that's what makes St. Johnsbury Academy.”

Carlos Yu

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Robotics Club, Math Club, Outing Club, JV Ultimate Frisbee, Dorm Council

“My favorite part of the Academy is the sense of freedom here and the nice, friendly people and environment.”