SJA Student Ambassadors

St. Johnsbury Academy’s Student Ambassadors serve as a crucial point of contact for prospective students and families. Ambassadors work with the Admissions Department throughout the year in a variety of roles, including speaking with prospective students and families during their campus visits, assisting with and leading campus tours for students, families and educational consultants, hosting students in classes or for overnight visits, and communicating with prospective and accepted students. Of our nearly 50 Ambassadors, a few are profiled below.


Noah Sorin

Hometown: Montgomery, Vermont
Interests: Math, Writing, Football, Basketball, acrosse, Class Council

“St. Johnsbury Academy offers several fun school-wide events that give classes a chance to engage in friendly competition with the other classes, while bonding at the same time. These traditions include Homecoming Weekend, Winter Carnival, and Spring Day.”

Maria Cruz Morales

Hometown: Oaxaca, Mexico
Interests:Trigonometry, French, Physics, History, Lacrosse

“At SJA I made friends that became my family in no time. I know they will always be there for me, even after graduation.” 

Ryan Egan

Hometown: Lyme, New Hampshire
Interests: Student Government, Dorm Council, Varsity Lacrosse, Soccer

“As a student, I love to tell people about the sports. The teams are such a tightly knit group of people and you really feel like you belong.”

Jakob Kammer

Hometown: Kamen, Germany
Interests: Entrepreneurship, Soccer

“My favorite parts of St. Johnsbury Academy are having all my friends around me in the dorm community and having so many different clubs and sports teams, including soccer and personal fitness. I love helping new students like other students helped me when I was new!”

Sungwoo Jang

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Interests: Math Club, Code Craft


“My favorite part of St. Johnsbury Academy is getting to choose what I want to study, from Game Design and Photography to AP Chemistry and JAVA programming.”

Emily Steen

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont
Interests: Drama, Music, Community Service


“My time at the Academy so far has been one of the best years of my high school career. I love the inclusive, supportive, and active community I have become a part of here with theater, athletics, and academics alike. I have made some of my closest friends here at the Academy, and continue to spread the word about how much I love the school to everyone I know!”

Carlos Yu

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Interests: Robotics Club, Math Club, Outing Club, JV Ultimate Frisbee, Dorm Council


“My favorite part of the Academy is the sense of freedom here and the nice, friendly people and environment.”

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