Good Neighbor Tuition Program

For Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec residents and property owners.

An independent school education requires a significant investment. Our Good Neighbor Tuition Program makes boarding here more affordable for families who live in or have a vacation home in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Quebec.

This seven-day boarding program gives students the structure, support, and participation that resident life makes possible. With such close proximity to the school, their families can visit for sporting events, dinner, shopping, and other family activities, and students can easily travel home for the weekend.

Our Good Neighbor tuition of $32,000 is comparable to day school tuition charged by other independent and boarding schools in northern New England. Those families living in sending towns (towns in Vermont and New Hampshire with school choice for grades 9-12) can further reduce the cost by the amount of the town’s contribution.

Additional information about the Good Neighbor Tuition Program is available by contacting the Academy Admission Office at (802) 751-2130 or by emailing

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