What to Bring: For Your Room

We provide:

St. Johnsbury Academy supplies the following linens
(included in tuition):

2 sheets (Standard Twin)
1 pillow case
1 hand towel
2 bath towels

Linens may be exchanged weekly at no charge.


cell phone
1 pillow
1 comforter or duvet
1 waste basket
1 desk lamp
shower sandals

More information will be sent by email this summer with online options for purchasing bedding, which will be delivered directly to campus.

Students also may bring the following personal items with them and keep them in their dormitory rooms:

dorm-sized refrigerator
hair dryer

Do not bring:

Students MAY NOT bring the following items into their dormitory rooms at any time during the year:

space heater
electric cookware
electric blanket
lava lamp
halogen lamp
pets (including fish bowls)
other electrical items

If found, these items will be confiscated.