Student Checklist

1. Travel Plans

Please submit your travel plans to by July 1.

2. Immigration/Visas

Current passport

Original I-20 form (not a copy)

US Student Visa in passport

3. Health Forms

Please submit your health forms by July 1 to

Permission for Medical Treatment/Release of Medical Information

Health Insurance Information


Medical History

Consent to Drug Test/Release of Medical Information

Report of Health Evaluation

Parental Consent and Agreement (if applicable)

Parental Authorization Form — Emergency Medication (if applicable)

4. Resident Life Forms

Please submit your resident life forms by July 1 to

Student Information

Parental Car Permission

Permission to Photograph

Student Activity Form


Resident Student Accounts

Pocket Money/Allowance

5. Personal Items

Please ship your personal items in advance of your arrival to
St. Johnsbury Academy, 1000 Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vermont 05819.

Please check the dress code information to be sure your clothing is appropriate for the Academy school day.