Vacation Planning

All dormitories are closed during vacations.
Students are expected to travel home, stay with relatives or friends during vacation, or participate in a school-sponsored trip.Students must plan to leave forvacations and return from vacation on the designated dates. Students are required to be in class until the close of school prior to each vacation.

Dormitories will be closed during the following vacation periods:
No early departures will be permitted.

Noon 11/17/18 – Noon 11/25/18
Travel plans due 10/5/18

Holiday Break
Noon 12/15/18 – Noon 1/7/19
Travel plans due 11/4/18

Winter Break
Noon 2/23/19 – Noon 3/5/19
Travel plans due 1/7/19

Spring Break
Noon 4/13/19 – Noon 4/21/19
Travel Plans Due 3/4/19

Vacation Departures and Arrivals

For each vacation, dormitories will close at noon the day after the Academy finishes for break and will be open at noon the day before classes resume.

We have created our school calendar to provide appropriate vacation time for your sons and daughters. As a result, we respectfully ask that you do not request early departure times or additional vacation days. Students who miss final exams or other assignments as a result of an unexcused absence will receive a grade of “0” on those assignments.

Seniors are required to remain on campus and participate in all commencement events through graduation.

Students planning to attend Resident Life trips should have sufficient funds available for payment prior to departure.

If there is an unavoidable travel conflict, you must make the necessary arrangements with the Campus Life Office.

Resident Life Trips

The Office of Campus Life sponsors several trips for boarding students during certain vacation periods. These trips are designed to fulfill both educational and cultural goals, and are chaperoned by Academy faculty and staff. Vacation periods and destinations of this year’s trips are:


Winter Break

Spring Break
Cost information is available from the Campus Life Office.

Travel/Vacation Information for Athletes

St. Johnsbury Academy’s athletic experience includes interscholastic competition against other schools. There are times, particularly during the winter and spring sports seasons, that our athletes are expected to stay on campus during vacation and after graduation to play on our teams. The Campus Life Office will arrange housing for athletes
at these times.

If you have any questions about our athletics program, our athletics schedule, or the commitment we require of our students to play on our sports teams, please do not hesitate to call Beth Choiniere, Assistant Head for Campus Life,
at 802-751-2024.

Pre-Season Fall and Holiday Break
American football practices begin August 13; students should arrive on August 12.

Other fall sports begin August 16; students should arrive August 15.

For Holiday break, winter athletes depart on December 20 and return on January 2.

Athletes playing spring sports are expected to remain at school during spring break.

Spring athletes competing in spring sports are expected to remain at school until their seasons have ended. This is often later than commencement.