On-campus Technology

The Academy maintains a campus-wide fiber backbone network with a high-speed connection to the Internet. Students have wireless Internet access across the entire campus through 80 wireless access points.

Academy Technology, Portals, and E-mail Accounts
St. Johnsbury Academy uses a wide variety of technology and platforms to support the learning environment. On campus, we have over 275 mobile laptop devices and 300 fixed computers that support our diverse academic programming. These devices are a mixture of Windows and Mac based operating systems. Additionally, each student is issued an iPad for use on campus and to bring home during the school year. Each student has a school provided STJLABS (Google) email account that is used as communication tool with teachers; this also serves as the login account for their iPad’s Apple ID. Students will become fluent in the use of the Google platform and the Microsoft Office automation suite in addition to several web-based systems and Apps that will be integral to their academic footprint.

Dormitory Internet Access
In the dormitories, students can access the Internet via a comprehensive wired and wireless network that is available from 6 am until midnight on school nights.The Academy network is compatible with all types of devices. To stay connected with family and friends, Skype and other social networking sites are available to students.

Responsibility and Support
If you plan to purchase or already own a laptop, please ensure that the warranty can be honored in the United States. That way, if there are any issues, the machine can be serviced by the manufacturer or its designated service center. We highly recommend anti-virus protection for personal computers.

Academy Information Technology staff will not be able to provide comprehensive support for personal laptop computers due to operating system language and licensing issues. Limited student technical support is provided by an organized group of IT intern students who can assist in resolving many of the most common user-level and hardware-related computer issues. To arrange computer support please contact the Academy’s Information Technology Department.

Internet Safety and Support
All access to the Internet is filtered to ensure student safety and compliance with applicable laws. Internet access is a shared resource across all resident dorms, as there are no independent connections by dorm room so each student must be mindful of his or her role as a steward in utilizing the Internet.

Purchasing Computers and Peripherals
The Academy has a program to allow students to purchase computers, peripherals, and warranty support. Interested families and students should contact Jim Mazzonna, the Academy’s Chief Information Officer, at jmazzonna@stjacademy.org or 802-751-2371.