Resident Life Mentoring Program

In addition to having resident life faculty (called dorm proctors) in each dormitory to monitor adherence to daily structure and general rules, each student has a dorm proctor that serves as a mentor. The role of the mentor is to maintain close contact with each student to help ensure he or she is following our academic and social expectations, participating effectively in the resident life program, and setting and achieving appropriate goals. Mentors also advocate for their students during challenging times and help celebrate their successes.

Mentors meet with students in the dormitory individually or in small groups to promote the Resident Life curriculum, a defined program that serves to nurture students living in a residential setting. For homestay students, the Assistant Coordinator for Student Programs and Homestays serves as a mentor and leads these same discussions.

Mentors will write letters to parents several times per year to report on student progress in the boarding program. These reports will provide comments about each student as well as a standards-based evaluation of study habits, involvement in the community, and specific aspects of character development.