Honor Code

Students at St. Johnsbury Academy study under the auspices of an honor code written and developed by Academy students. The honor code defines our academic and moral expectations, and extends throughout school life, both inside and outside of our classrooms. Students will sign the Honor Code during their first week on campus. It reads:

We, the students of St. Johnsbury Academy, are part of a learning community dedicated
to molding superior character and excellent academics.We have high expectations of ourselves and of our peers, and we depend upon our own honesty and integrity to uphold these expectations.


We believe that cheating, plagiarism, and any other action performed with malintent
takes away from the fulfillment of our own true potential.

We respect our property, we well as theproperty of others.

We share the objective of building a trusting community that provides a safe, secure, and productive learning environment.

A detailed description of the Academy’s policies, expectations, opportunities offered, and other aspects of student life is available in the St. Johnsbury Academy Student Handbook.