Senior Capstone

All seniors are required to complete a Senior Capstone project. The Academy sees Capstone as a culmination of all previous learning; it serves as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their mastery of our standards as they head to college, careers, and carry their overall Academy experience into their personal and professional lives. On Senior Capstone Day, in early December and early May, seniors present their Capstone projects to their peers, faculty members, trustees, and members of the community.

Senior Capstone (Accelerated)
1 Credit (7701)
This required one-semester, heterogeneously grouped, interdisciplinary course will serve as an opportunity for seniors to demonstrate their ability to meet Academy standards as a culmination of all of their previous course work and a springboard into their post-secondary careers. The domain of the course will include three main components:

1. Problem-solving: Discipline-specific research methods, field research, and
critical inquiry

2. Communication: Discipline-specific writing formats, editing, revision, and
public speaking

3. Citizenship: Defining the characteristics of a professional and acting and producing to that definition.

AP Capstone Research will fulfill this requirement.