Gregory N. Sweeny Applied Engineering Center

The Sweeny Applied Engineering Center is a great resource for teachers and students. It consists of a Full Spectrum Laser Cutter, a Makerbot Replicator (3D Printer) with Digitizer (3D Scanner), a manual lathe, a Ganesh Heavy-Duty CNC Milling Machine, six 3Doodlers, electronics supplies, and a collection of tabletop tools. We have recently added three more 3D Printers (Cube 3rd Generation), a Roland tabletop CNC mill, and a vinyl cutter with heat transfer accessories. Software to support student design is available in the space, and students are able to use their iPads for additional design work.

The space has been used by classes from around the school: engineering, psychology, literature, chemistry, calculus, and game design among others. Clubs like robotics, FBLA, and Fashion Design make use of the tools for their projects, and individual students and faculty have used the Maker Space to solve problems and explore design. Biweekly workshops are offered to introduce beginners to the capabilities of the Sweeny Applied Engineering Center in topics like Laser Engraving, Wearable Circuits, Jewelry Making with 3D Printing, Puppet Making, and more!

For more information on our Science program, visit the Science department page.

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