Study Skills

Our Study Skills program is available to both freshmen and upperclassmen. Students learn new homework strategies, time management, goal setting, and have time to do course work with assistance from trained faculty.


  • Includes both freshmen and upper-class study skills courses
  • Students earn one credit for each successfully completed semester
  • Designed to meet the changing developmental needs of students as they progress through high school
  • Progress reports provided to students, parents, and advisors
  • Students receive individualized help with student-specific course work
  • Support is offered for academic-related anxiety and emotional issues


  • Increase independence and self-advocacy
  • Improve academic skills through direct instruction
  • Build self-confidence


  • Writing skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Research skills
  • Note- and test-taking strategies
  • Memorization techniques
  • Vocabulary building
  • Goal setting
  • Paraphrasing
  • Time management