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SJA First in State in Scholastic Art Competition

The Academy was well represented in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. (L-R) Junior Mitchell Chase, senior Athena Hendrick, senior Kathy Lao, senior Yuka Nomata, senior Mio Kosaka, senior Yuange (Rileta) Zhou, senior Amy Plambeck, senior Shira Linowes, junior Abby Cook, junior Lillian Hamilton, senior Yunxuan (Katherine) Wang, senior Jiayu (Joy) Sun, and senior Tiger Wu. Missing from photo: junior Jefferson Logan, senior Qinbin Liu, sophomore Katie Neuharth, and senior Do Young Kwak.

St. Johnsbury Academy Fine Arts students won a total of 44 regional art awards in this year's Scholastic Art & Writing competition, the most of any independent school in Vermont. 18 students won awards for their work in Printmaking, Photography, Drawing and Illustration, Painting, Digital Art, Film and Animation, Fashion, Design, Mixed Media, or for their Art Portfolios. They received 10 Gold Keys, 17 Silver Keys, and 17 Honorable Mentions. Those students winning regional Gold Keys will be considered for the national competition in the coming weeks.

Senior Do Young Kwak received a Gold Key for her Art Portfolio, four Gold Keys in Painting, and another in Mixed Media; her Mixed Media submission was further honored as an American Visions Nominee. Junior Abigail Cook received a Gold Key in Photography. Senior Athena Hendrick received two Gold Keys in Photography. Senior Yuange (Rileta) Zhou was awarded a Gold Key in Photography; she is also an American Visions Nominee.

Silver Keys were awarded to: junior Mitchell Chase in Photography; junior Lillian Hamilton in Photography; senior Athena Hendrick in Photography; senior Do Young Kwak in Painting and Drawing and Illustration; senior Qinbin Liu in Painting (2 Silver Keys); sophomore Katie Neuharth in Ceramics and Glass; senior Yuka Nomata in Sculpture; senior Jiayu (Joy) Sun in Drawing and Illustration; senior Yunxuan (Katherine) Wang in Painting and Printmaking; and Yuange Zhou for her Art Portfolio and Photography (two Silver Keys).

Honorable Mentions were awarded to: senior Athena Hendrick in Photography and for her Art Portfolio; junior Jefferson Logan in Film and Animation; senior Mio Kosaka in Printmaking; senior Kathy Lao in Fashion and in Painting; senior Shira Linowes in Photography (three Honorable Mentions); Qinbin Liu in Painting; senior Amy Plambeck in Photography; senior Jiayu (Joy) Sun in Drawing and Illustration; senior Yunxuan (Katherine) Wang in Drawing and Illustration; senior Tiger Wu in Drawing and Illustration and Design; senior Yuange (Rileta) Zhou in Photography (three Honorable Mentions).

Head of the Fine Arts department Rosie Prevost said, "Making art, as with any pursuit of excellence, takes time and dedication. Behind that finished piece of art there is a process of practice, trial and error, revisions and reshoots, successes and failures. Our fine art students have actively engaged in this creative process resulting in their work being recognized in this prestigious competition."

Headmaster Tom Lovett said, "To have 18 students honored in a state competition of any kind is a tremendous achievement, and to have so many honors in a creative competition is even more impressive. Rosie and her arts faculty can inspire such excellence because they themselves are professional artists. They understand the creative process, hard work, and revision that go into creating great works of art. So, while we are extremely proud of the accomplishments of these students, we are equally proud of the excellence of our faculty."

Students' award-winning work is on exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center from February 18 through March 5, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. An awards ceremony honoring the artists will take place on Sunday, March 5 at 12:00 p.m.

To view a slideshow of the award-winning art work, please visit

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