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National Spanish Exam Honors

Several SJA students won honors on this year's National Spanish Exam. (L-R): Callahan Beck '19 (Honors), Kamilya Reid '18 (Bronze),Victor Xie '18 (Silver), Ainsley Larsen '19 (Bronze), Mason Castle '19 (Honors), Carter Barron '19 (Honors), Ben Hammer '18 (Gold), Ryan Egan '20 (Gold), Sadie Stetson '19 (Honors), Yichen Lyu '19 (Bronze), Bibi Oestreicher '17 (Bronze), Grace Shelton '18 (Honors), Valerie Xie '19 (Honors), Madeleine Byford '19 (Honors), Lara Beltrame Spadoto '19 (Silver), Benjamin Bangs '18 (Honors), Joia Covert '19 (Honors), and Sage D'Muhala '19 (Bronze). Not Pictured: Mackay Breton '20 (Silver), Aidan Levesque '19 (Honors), Olivia Ruffner '19 (Honors), Trey Armbrister '19 (Silver), Anna Buntova '18 (Silver), and Matthew Bader '19 (Honors).

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