The Academy

Founded in 1842, St. Johnsbury Academy is a comprehensive independent day and boarding school widely praised for its successful development of character, academic excellence, and community in its students.

Our culture fosters a tradition of respect for all members of our community, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, or family economic resources.

Our Three Promises

Number One

We will do all we can to help each student be the best person possible.
We are committed to the values of respect, compassion, integrity, and responsibility. We have compassion and empathy and we believe in loving those most who need it most.

Number Two

We will do all we can to help each student be the best learner possible.
We value expertise and creativity. We provide the supports and opportunities for students to pursue their passion and develop a love for learning.

Number Three

We will do all we can to help each student become part of something bigger than him/herself.
When students come to St. Johnsbury Academy, they become part of the most talented and diverse group of individuals they may ever know as friends and colleagues. They develop an intellectual and emotional connection to making this community a better place.

St. Johnsbury Academy treasures the spirit of young people—their energy, their creativity, their compassion, and generosity—as well as the unique spirit of each student, believing in them even when they don’t believe in themselves.
—Headmaster, Thomas Lovett
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