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Posted Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016 
St. Johnsbury Academy has lost a figurehead with the passing of beloved longtime Headmaster Bernier Mayo. Mr. Mayo graduated from the Academy in 1956 and rejoined the school as an English teacher in 1964. He became English department chair in 1968 and continued teaching English throughout his time as Headmaster, which spanned twenty years from July 1981 until June 2001. After his retirement, he served on the Academy Board of Trustees from 2002 through 2016.
Posted Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016 
St. J Academy's Eamonn McCabe: The Record's 2016 Baseball Player of the Year
Posted Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016 
St. Johnsbury Academy sophomore Katherine Cowan is Vermont's Gatorade girls track and field athlete of the year, the company announced Thursday.
Posted Friday, Jul 1, 2016 
When it comes to baseball, his stats from the recently-concluded high school season say it all. The numbers spoke loudly enough to catch the attention of USA TODAY, which named the 2016 St. J Academy grad its Vermont Baseball Player of the Year.
Posted Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 
Courtney Morehouse '16 of Concord won a Silver Medal in Commercial Baking at the 2016 SkillsUSA competition in Louisville, KY. More than 6,000 career and technical education students from across the U.S. travelled to Kentucky to compete in 99 different events after winning gold medals in their respective states.
Posted Friday, Jun 24, 2016 
Every year we encourage our students to read during the summer. The reasons for this long-time Academy practice are many, and while the nature of Summer Reading has changed many times over my years here, the main benefits remain the same: summer reading enhances vocabulary and comprehension, it encourages exploration and imagination, maintains or increases the skills and knowledge gained during the school year, and it enhances a student's base of knowledge. These combined allow those who read during the summer to develop a more sophisticated and informed context within which they can encounter and assimilate new information and understandings.
Posted Thursday, Jun 23, 2016 
Talent and depth have carried the St. Johnsbury Academy girls to four straight Division I track and field titles. For the past two days at the University of Vermont, the Hilltoppers reminded the state they have no plans to leave their perch.
Posted Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 
I find myself in this position every year: the end of the year—with Alumni Weekend, Commencement activities, playoff games, and summer plans—is overfull of worthy topics for reflection and celebration. This year was especially full, as the Class of 2016 celebrated "The Best Year Ever"—including two Division I State Championships in Track and Baseball—and we started the final stages of our three-year reflective process that will lead to our accreditation and continued school improvement. However, as I thought about what will stick and what best characterized our school, one particular moment stood out.
Posted Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 
Six SJA Sales and Marketing students passed the National Retail Foundation Customer Service Certification in December; six more passed in May. This nationally recognized achievement demonstrates a professional level of knowledge and application in the field of customer service. They were: Josiah Lundin '16, Brandon Mach '17, Nate Benton '17, Bria Willis '16, Kyle Goodell '16, Iker Pallach '17, Damion Gray, '17, Tarinee Sawatyanon, '17, Craig Fillion '17, Emma Carr '17, Hannah Dambach '17, Elujah Buzby '18.
Posted Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 
Pitching, it's often said, is the name of the game. After the playoff run that resulted in St. Johnsbury Academy's annexing the Division I title Saturday night at Centennial Field, it's hard to argue otherwise.
Posted Monday, Jun 13, 2016 
Last year St. Johnsbury Academy won its first Division I girls outdoor track title by five points over Essex. This year the winning margin was 34.5 points — again over Essex.
Posted Friday, Jun 3, 2016 
I have spoken before about how much I love Last Chapel, especially in Fuller Hall. It seems a perfect use of the space that Bonnie Raitt once called "half living room, half church." At Last Chapel, we celebrate the senior class as well as some underclassmen for their achievements. We watch the Senior Memories video, listen to the graduating class sing their class song (this year "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons), and join them as they lead us in the Alma Mater from the stage just as they did in the fall of their Freshman year.
Posted Friday, May 27, 2016 
This week Student Government President Patrick Amadon stepped down from his leadership position, handing over the leadership of the student body to Michele Leblanc. Patrick stepped into the position early this year, when Ronan Johnston-McWilliams stepped down in order to pursue other personal goals, among them becoming an EMT. Since taking the helm, Patrick has shown uncommon maturity and thoughtfulness, winning him the affection and admiration of faculty, staff, and peers alike.
Posted Friday, May 20, 2016 
One of the best things about the current academic calendar is the chance to start fresh each fall; students experience the sense of optimism and excitement that comes with a new set of goals and a clean slate. It's important for students to learn how to start something new. Likewise, one of the most valuable lessons we can teach young people given this calendar is how to leave. At the end of each school year, students, faculty, and staff are given a chance to practice leaving a community; this experience is especially important for today's graduates who are more likely than ever to transfer from college to college and who are likely to have as many as seven jobs after graduation. Learning to leave gracefully, graciously, and gratefully is a life skill that, if learned well, will not only make us better people, but make the world a better place.
Posted Friday, May 20, 2016 
St. Johnsbury Academy Fine Arts students were honored at the Vermont state house in Montpelier recently for awards they won in the 35th annual Congressional Art Competition. Of the five students who submitted art, two won prizes: Senior Katherine Gray won the Judges' Choice Award for her print "Deer Me, A Self Portrait" and Junior Qinbin "Eden" Liu won Third Place for his self portrait in oil. The other students who submitted their work were Seniors Jasmine Wood, Desiree Taylor, and Chairin Yoon. Vermont Congressman Peter Welch attended the ceremony and congratulated the students.
Posted Friday, May 20, 2016 
The Fine Arts department will host a year-end Gala from Monday, May 23 through Friday, June 3rd. The building will be brimming with student artwork and the lobby exhibit will be curated by our own Maria Navas. Please join us for our opening night, Thursday May 26, featuring the Performing Arts. Dance classes will perform 3:15 to 3:45; acting classes from 3:45-4:30; Hilltones from 4:40-5:00; and filmmaking classes wrapping the evening up in the Stuart Black Box Theater from 5:00-6:00 p.m. The event is open to the public and all are welcome.
Posted Friday, May 13, 2016 
Like many people around the country, I was shocked when I heard the story of Marques Gaines. Gaines, a 32-year-old bartender in Chicago, left work at around 3:30 a.m. and went to a nearby 7-Eleven to buy some snacks after his shift. On his way out, he passed some men hanging out around the doorway, and for no apparent reason, one of the men ran up behind him and hit him in the back of the head. Gaines fell into the street, bleeding and unconscious; seconds later a passerby went through his pockets and robbed him. All of this was caught on surveillance video.
Posted Friday, May 13, 2016 
Ten St. Johnsbury Academy juniors have been selected to represent the school at this summer's Boys and Girls State gatherings. The students were chosen because of their interest in government and politics and demonstration of leadership skills inside and outside of the classroom.
Posted Friday, May 13, 2016 
The award winning St. Johnsbury Academy Theatre will present Almost, Maine, John Cariani's quirky romantic comedy in nine vignettes, at Fuller Hall on the campus of St. Johnsbury Academy for three performances on May 19, 20 at 7:30 p.m. and May 21 at 2:00 p.m.
Posted Friday, May 6, 2016 
St. Johnsbury Academy has announced the valedictorian and salutatorian for the Class of 2016. Bettina Hammer of Monroe, New Hampshire, was named valedictorian; Mckenna Cisler of Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, was named salutatorian.
Posted Friday, May 6, 2016 
Every parent or grandparent knows the feeling: watching your child or grandchild step into some arena to perform some difficult task without you, and amidst your nervousness and anxiousness, you watch them do something wonderful—all on their own. Your heart jumps into your throat, disabling your vocal chords, and you are filled with a combination of pride, gratitude, and joy. Whether it is watching a little one's first steps, watching a Little Leaguer hit a home run, or watching a teenager sing a solo, parents and grandparents relive these moments over and over, just to feel their hearts rise again, even just a little bit.
Posted Wednesday, May 4, 2016 
Representatives from St. Johnsbury Academy participated in a ground-breaking ceremony at the site of St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju on Jeju Island in South Korea on April 29. President of the Board of Trustees Jay Wright '87, CEO of Kingdom Development Company (KDC) Bradley Ashley, and Associate Headmaster for Admissions and Advancement Jack Cummings were present at the formal ceremony. St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju is expected to commence classes in the fall of 2017; a number of administrators have been hired and inquiries are already being received from prospective students.
Posted Friday, Apr 29, 2016 
On the day before our April Break, Katherine S. Newman and Hella Winston published an article in the New York Times, entitled "Straight from High School to a Career". They opened their piece with a reflection that "there are hundreds of thousands of 'middle skill' jobs in the United States that are—or soon will be—going unfilled because of a dearth of qualified workers." Like others before them, they called for using career and technical education (CTE) centers as training grounds for these jobs, jobs which Newman and Winston state, "provide a middle-class wage without a traditional four-year degree." They argued for more funding for technical training in high school—never a bad thing—but I think by pushing so hard against the "college for all campaign", they overlooked another option.
Posted Friday, Apr 29, 2016 
The Environmental Stewardship Program at St. Johnsbury Academy received a Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence by the Vermont Agency for Natural Resources at the State House yesterday. Vermont Environmental Excellence Awards have been given since 1993 to recognize efforts and actions of Vermonters to conserve and protect natural resources, prevent pollution, and promote environmental sustainability.
Posted Friday, Apr 29, 2016 
Academy math students tied for the top-two Vermont regional scores in Region 2 on the UVM High School Prize Math Examination; First and Second Prizes were awarded to Seongmin Choo '17, Hanzhang Yu '19. Yaojia Huang '16 placed seventh in the state overall. Utkuhan Genc received Honorable Mention (Statewide). The top-scoring student in the school for the second year in a row was senior Yaojia Huang. Twenty-three students from the Academy, the highest number for a high school in Vermont, were awarded Certificates of Merit, recognizing their ranking in the top-ten percent of all students from across the state that took the test. They were: Seongmin Choo '17, McKenna Cisler '16, Ethan Forster '16, Utkuhan Genc '16, Ziqi Gong '18, Bettina Hammer '16, Yaojia Huang '16, Matthew Hunton '18, Yuqing Jiang '16, Yutong Lei, '16, Jingyi Liang '16, Jin Lin '16, Yichen Lu '18, Michael Thomas Miller '17, Lintaro Miyashin '17, Worabun Romtrairut '19, Fiona Sweeney '19, Zeou Wei '19, Jianing Wu '19, Xinyi Yang '17, Hanzhang Yu '19, Junjie Zhang '17, and Shynggys Menglibay '17.
Posted Saturday, Apr 16, 2016 
This week we observed a Day of Silence, sponsored by the GSU, honoring those whose voices are silenced by fear, oppression, intolerance, and violence. Students, faculty, and staff who chose to participate took a vow of silence for the day, remembering those who have been silenced in the past and showing solidarity with those who are silenced still. Some voices have been silenced by bullies who target minorities—whether defined by race, religion, or sexual identity. In some of the most tragic cases, these voices are silenced forever through suicide. Perhaps the most prevalent silencing of voices happens when those dedicated to civil discourse are shouted down by those who are not.
Posted Friday, Apr 15, 2016 
Twelve St. Johnsbury Academy students won medals at this year's Vermont SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Competition. The team won six gold medals, five silver medals, and one bronze medal. The six students who won gold medals will go on to compete at the annual national-level SkillsUSA Competition and Conference this June in Louisville, Kentucky.
Posted Saturday, Apr 9, 2016 
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal had the following assessment of the current political climate: Historically, Americans like to think they carry a sunny spirit of can-do optimism, one that says that, despite its problems, life in the world's greatest democracy will always be better for their children and grandchildren. That spirit usually is reflected in the chicken-in-every-pot, audacity-of-hope rhetoric of presidential campaigns. Not this year.
Posted Friday, Apr 8, 2016 
The St. Johnsbury Academy chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America competed recently at the FBLA Spring Leadership Conference, which took place at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. The annual conference is an exciting two-day event filled with competition, leadership training, charity events, movies, dance, swimming, and officer elections. Over $76,000 in scholarships and awards were handed out to over 140 competitors at the conference. Each member of the Academy team is now eligible to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the FBLA National Convention taking place June 28 to July 2.
Posted Friday, Apr 8, 2016 
St. Johnsbury Academy's Civil Engineering and Architecture class competed last week in the 2nd Annual Vermont Popsicle Bridge Competition at Vermont Technical College. Three teams competed, each with distinct bridges. The team of Ryan McGee '16, Matthew Emery '17, Malcolm Larocque '17, and Bianca Deng '16 won 1st place in Actual Load Carrying Capacity with a load of 185 lbs, 1st place in Aesthetics and Originality of Design, and 3rd place overall. The team of Liam Fangman '16, Tucker Bouffard '16, and Syrym Seksenbayev '16 won 1st place in Predicted Load and 2nd place over all. The winning students brought back $8,500 in scholarships to Vermont Tech.

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